Today I've made three costume changes.
I started the day in a suit, went through the day in a pair of high-waist jeans and a top and ended the day in black shorts and a too big shirt.

I also got the sweetest mail from my english teacher today.
I quote:

"Next week we will have communication sessions for the last time, and we will have some coffee/tea/juice and perhaps some cake or buns or something, whatever I can come up with.
I would be happy if you could join me, since me sitting there on my own would be rather sad. Also it would be nice to get to see you again before you disappear out into the void"

He makes me laugh!

Oh, and I also hung out with this lovely lady. I like her.

Yeah. It's been a lovely day.


I don't like being told what to do.
I don't like when people question what I do.
I love clubbing, dancing and being crazy.
I have a lot of friends.
I love shoes.
I speak german.
I'm tall.
I love my school and my class so much that I don't wanna graduate.
I'd die without music.
I believe in God.
I'm a ballet dancer who loves basketball.
I hate fake converse.
I'm a bit ego.
I can't cry.
I don't want kids.
I wanna find the cure for cancer.
I'm almost never sick.
I can't get enough of gossip. I ♥ IT!

I can quote almost every episod of the tv-show FRIENDS.
I should be studying right now instead of writing this.
I study at the toughest school in town.
I hate checking out books at the library, I wanna own them. Even if they suck.
I wish I could fly.
People I meet for the first time often think I'm rich.
I wanna speak Icelandic because it's random, unnecassary and a country I'm never gonna visit.
I love being on pictures.
My family is crazy and weird. And I love it.
I wish I could go abroad every month.
I have a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal's character in 'Day After Tomorrow'.
I wish I could paus the world and do lots of crazy things you can't do when someone's watching.
I wish I had more time.

In school I sometimes just watch my friends, smile and think of how lucky I am to have such nice and beautiful people around me every day.
I have to brush my teeth at least five minutes every morning, even if I'm late.
I have 1113 tagged pics on facebook.
When I was 11 years old I decided to give ALL of my toys, magazines and movies to a children's hospital. And I did.
My favourite animal is zebra.
I suck at math.
I wanna have season tickets to LA Lakers and when I'm retired I wanna buy the team.
I wish I could tell my friends everyday how much they really mean to me.
I sometimes wish I was a mindreader.
My biggest fear is to become like everyone else.
I can easily get annoyed, but I rarely get mad.
I love to party.
I like shopping.
I love clothes.

I can't stand when ice cream melt, it's disgusting.
I hate whipped cream.
I often dance around in my apartment with music so high I can barely think.
I'm a bit scared of dishwashers (Please don't ask!).
When I grow up I wanna live as they do in FRIENDS.

Yeah now you know a little something about me.
Hope you'll stick around.

But enough about me, how are you?