A year ago I..

Watched this.

Arrived to our apartment.

Was chillin' by the pool.

... Or by the flat.

I shopped til I droped.

Had dinner with my family.

Went to the beach.

But today I'm..

Laying on my bed, watching the rain outside, thinking about where the **** I put my camera skid and reading a book.
Glamorous huh?
I thought I was gonna show you guys some of my pics from yesterday and some new clothes I bought the day before that. But since I don't know where the skid is (grrrr) I won't be able to do that.

Well, have a nice day. Bye.


There are no words really. About what's happening in Norway.
So many people have died, all because of one man and his opinions.
And the worst part is (well, I'm not really sure it can be a worst part) that most of them were children.
Young people who couldn't defend themselves and young people who had not done anything wrong.
It's such a weird situation.
This is just sick. SICK!
This man is sick.

And as I said, there are no words. I can't really describe what I feel or what I think.
Even though I didn't know anyone, I still feel so much pain. The citizens of Norway must suffer so bad.

Well, since I'm not saying anything reasonable, I might just leav it to this 8 year old boy, whose gonna make it one day. He's gonna do great things I believe.

Hate is not the solution!

I can see that hate groups against the perpetrator shows up on facebook. So I’d like to share with you the thoughts my 8-year old son shared with me today:

“But mum! We must remember that the man who did those things also has a family! Maybe his mum sits at home crying, wondering what she has done wrong, to have a son who does such terrible things. They must be having a terrible time now!”

Thank you my son, for your clear mind and sensible thoughts. I hope your attidude will spread to others!


Just a little something to think about...